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Videos are a powerful marketing tool!  Our professional Sweet Peas videos help tell the story of your Sweet Peas program.  We have commissioned three videos with three separate messages: Long Live Childhood, Beauty in Motion and Happy to be Happy.  These videos mirror several social media campaigns that are available for you to download.  The videos and the social media campaigns can work together to create an impactful, cohesive message that can elevate your brand and increase awareness about your program!


We are soooo happy to offer the videos to our licensees for a fraction of the production cost (literally less than 5% of cost!) This is the joy of our collective Sweet Peas partnership.  Together we can do so much more!


You can purchase one video for $199 or all three for $299. You can tell that we want you to be able to purchase and start sharing all three!


We can’t wait to start seeing your beautiful video posts!

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Beauty in Motion, Happy to be Happy, Long Live Childhood, Three Pack of ALL Videos